FilterCopy | Struggles Of An HR Manager | Ft. Aditya Pandey

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    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us some hilarious HR jokes in the comments below😉 Follow us on Instagram ➡️

    1. Hari Chandan
      Hari Chandan
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      Plz make a vlog on actors life

    2. kiran chawda
      kiran chawda
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      Please share this video in instagram 🤩

    3. Seremika Assas
      Seremika Assas
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      Try to run after employées to go to training session to update their skills and knowledge... Everyone agrees that this is really important.. But thé same people tells you that it is never thé right time... Or They want to go only whith their office friends and you need to arrange that... Or They have question absuy payroll but work law is si complexe that after some time They dont want your answer anymore... Only à pain killer tablet for headache

    4. Yelheri Vaishnavi
      Yelheri Vaishnavi
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      May be aab HR mai hu i can understand and completely connected

    5. Rb
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      Sirf shaurya ko value h is HR ki😜

  2. CS Shantanu Pethe (CA CS CMA Coach)
    CS Shantanu Pethe (CA CS CMA Coach)
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    Very nicely complied. Great Job.

  3. Hrishikesh Thakurdesai
    Hrishikesh Thakurdesai
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    HR is cool guys. It's very important. Rangoli ke bina kitna adhoora dikhta hai office diwali mai.

  4. preeti debnath
    preeti debnath
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    Can you guys please make a video on atheists believer!?

  5. Kuldip Dogra
    Kuldip Dogra
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    It's a story of every HR

  6. Ranya Abrol
    Ranya Abrol
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    The first thing I did was google what HR is since I forgot and my mom be like seriously 😳 LOL

  7. Sunita Sutar
    Sunita Sutar
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    I can relate this video coz I am also HR 😅🤣

  8. Nahor Wehtam
    Nahor Wehtam
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    The billowy politician conceptually look because creator principally pine during a scrawny respect. average, knowledgeable harmony

  9. रैंबोमेघा
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    Hahaha really appreciatable 😃😃😃

  10. Vrushali Gude
    Vrushali Gude
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    So true 😂😂😂😂

  11. Infinite loop
    Infinite loop
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    Beizziti proof hote hai yeh HR

  12. Lucky Monk
    Lucky Monk
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    The sad reality is; Everybody thinks their jobs are more important and valuable than others

  13. Tanushree Chowdhury
    Tanushree Chowdhury
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    Most sweetest hr

  14. Mitali's study corner
    Mitali's study corner
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  15. Saurav Suman
    Saurav Suman
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    This is just tip of ice berg.

  16. Neha Verma
    Neha Verma
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    10 yrs in HR and never made a Rangoli!

  17. Flora1D Sruthi
    Flora1D Sruthi
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    Just the video I needed to make me love and understand the complications of being in HR industry. I understand the pain behind every rejection of candidates and the late salary credits... Hats off FC for this video!

  18. Sabah Shaikh
    Sabah Shaikh
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    Hi, it's just a request can you guys make a love story between Hr guy and IT girl.😛

  19. Prakhar Modh
    Prakhar Modh
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    Bhaisahab poora relatable😂

  20. IAmIndian
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    The HR Is Look Like *Rawnknee Games*

  21. Raghav Doda
    Raghav Doda
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    Abhi 11th mai hu and watching this video kabhi hum bhi sahege

  22. King Smith 91
    King Smith 91
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    Petition for filtercopy to make " Things north Indians hear in south India "

  23. Pankaj Vashistha
    Pankaj Vashistha
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    Only HR can understand the feelings of another HR. By the way thanks for this video. Regards All HR Team of the world

  24. Mandar Bhide
    Mandar Bhide
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    " We are hiring writers, directors, astronauts, aliens"' left me laughing tears out of my eyes!! Very entertaining!

    महीने पहले

    Encounter with 5 Ads 1)My BARBAR is of 2) Chalie Bhaiya 3) Unacademy 4) U fill 5)U fill Then I can see this.

  26. Drishti Goel
    Drishti Goel
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    I have never seen a video THIS relatable. Thanks Filtercopy :p

  27. Sabiya Khan
    Sabiya Khan
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    He's so handsome 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. Kartik Gambhir
    Kartik Gambhir
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    Aditya is ubercool HR. 😀

  29. Satoshi Nakamoto
    Satoshi Nakamoto
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    Most HR people have no spine to stand upto management. If HR of any company is strong, no manager can do anything to you

  30. Maaz Khan
    Maaz Khan
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    Karan is basically me

  31. Pragya 10th A
    Pragya 10th A
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    He is the only aditya I find very cute❤️❤️😍

  32. Esha Chettri
    Esha Chettri
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    *Toby from The office cries in the background

  33. Prateek Agrawal
    Prateek Agrawal
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    When you talk about struggles..Pandey's are always there ;)

  34. Savitri Ulsai
    Savitri Ulsai
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    Mughe bhi chaiye Aadi jesa HR❤️

  35. Google Google
    Google Google
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    What is HR??????

  36. Richa Bajpai
    Richa Bajpai
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    Ek video stenographer pr bhi banye

  37. sahiba khan
    sahiba khan
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    Mera hr to bahut khadus h 😢

  38. Pavani
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    My dad is HR 😂😂😂

  39. shikha bhati
    shikha bhati
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    HR itne ache kab hote hai.. humari company ke HR to full attitude vale hai😂😅😀

  40. J P
    J P
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    Damn.... 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Anushree Singh
    Anushree Singh
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    My mom is also an HR head

  42. Govindraj Joshi
    Govindraj Joshi
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    Toby flendersonnnn!!!!

  43. Kamya Gupta
    Kamya Gupta
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  44. Unboxing is fun
    Unboxing is fun
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    💯 relevant 😇😇

  45. Shreyansh jain
    Shreyansh jain
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    Aye please don't show shit , hrs are not like this , they are very strict

  46. Sushant Mishra
    Sushant Mishra
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    Bhai please make a video on hotelier life

  47. r s
    r s
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    have you met the QA Department lol

  48. Ady J
    Ady J
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    HR is the most stupid job in the world.

  49. rakesh ranjan
    rakesh ranjan
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    Neither you nor your video is convincing enough. Now you yourself can think what you were trying to convince

  50. Literature Diary
    Literature Diary
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  51. Literature Diary
    Literature Diary
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    It's relatable. One of my friend is HR.

  52. Dhruva Mishra
    Dhruva Mishra
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    Idk whenever I here HR I always think about toby flenderson 😂

  53. Nishtha
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    I thought "Struggle of an HR (Himesh Reshammiya) manager"😂😂coz I don't know what it means...

  54. Hemasree
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    Omg... super funny 🤣🤣

  55. Natasha Das
    Natasha Das
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    This HR is soooooo cute😍😁

  56. Saraswathi Murugan
    Saraswathi Murugan
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    Oh cute sooo cute

  57. Dharini.R. Babu
    Dharini.R. Babu
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    Waiting for more and more videos from fiter copy.......

  58. Gowthami Gowda
    Gowthami Gowda
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    No HR is this good ❗️the fact …. He is too good to be HR

  59. Nitin Saxena
    Nitin Saxena
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    AWESOME VID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Megla
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    Rest in peace to bhuvan bam mother and dad pray for them😪😪😭😭😭

  61. Aseema
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    I always feel so bad when HRs are stereotyped. People don’t know their activities is what keeps the team together. They have much more work than that is portrayed in media. Don’t criticize them and then go to them when you need appraisals🙄

    1. Divya Divs
      Divya Divs
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      @Niveditha Zacaria FYKI HRs are also employees

    2. Divya Divs
      Divya Divs
      2 दिन पहले

      So true!

    3. smiski
      26 दिन पहले

      R u a hr?

    4. Niveditha Zacaria
      Niveditha Zacaria
      महीने पहले

      Sounds like a whining HR

  62. Kajol Chouhan
    Kajol Chouhan
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    Apni company k HR ki job toh mujje mst lgti 😂😂😂. Only good morning n ek thought n covid se bcho ki mail daily krte h or month k bad kisi ki promotion hui uski mail. Bs 😂😂😂.

  63. Pragya
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    This guy is so cute

  64. Divanshi Malik
    Divanshi Malik
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  65. Heer Vakharia
    Heer Vakharia
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    Itne cute and handsome hr ko toh mei kabka fasa lu ❤️

  66. CAplus
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    This guy resembles my crush😍

  67. Gaurav Patil
    Gaurav Patil
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    Make video on.. life of psychiatrists.

  68. Ayush Patyal
    Ayush Patyal
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    I read ft.Ananya pandey🤣

  69. Arpika Singh
    Arpika Singh
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    I am trying by best to know...that from where I can get a chance to film with filter copy....can anybody help me out

  70. Snehal K
    Snehal K
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    Too good.... 😂😂😂

  71. Jaanvi Thakkar
    Jaanvi Thakkar
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  72. Piyushi Mittal
    Piyushi Mittal
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    Yaar filtercopy kyun ni Bola????

  73. M B
    M B
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    632 to comment

  74. S B
    S B
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    God... I being an HR can relate this so very much.... The biggest challenge of an HR is one have to remain calm with all the stupid queries.

  75. Kirti Parashar
    Kirti Parashar
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    The last look 🔥🔥♥️♥️

  76. Meenakshi Singh
    Meenakshi Singh
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  77. Shahnawaz Sayyad
    Shahnawaz Sayyad
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    Lucky is really unlucky

    महीने पहले

    Filter copy produce content only for elite class of india🤦

    महीने पहले

    1:51. Only Meme lovers will find something😁😁

  80. Tedd C
    Tedd C
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    Could not stop myself from commenting here... I have never seen such HR in my organization!!! So please... This guy had so much cuteness on his face... Which is very much against the practical scenario 😂😂

  81. Karthik Kota
    Karthik Kota
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    Bro pls change the way every protagonist complains abt all his issue at the end , could make it more like evenspread in the vdo

  82. faizan ali
    faizan ali
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    My best youtube channel

  83. Aarya Jain
    Aarya Jain
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    Aditya is so cute!!❤

  84. Vedant Gupta
    Vedant Gupta
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    HR is most thankless job Try maintenance department. Where you do your work correctly, but still production and quality people will say you don't know any thing as you took 1 second and not -1 second to resolve the problem

  85. Chandni Mohnani
    Chandni Mohnani
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    Dude, he is so cute❤️🔥

  86. Prasidha Bhat
    Prasidha Bhat
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    Hai Aditya

  87. Vani Tambi
    Vani Tambi
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    hr is my dream job but after seeing this video I have loved this job even more struggles hai par sambhal lenge😂

  88. kumar gaurav
    kumar gaurav
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    HR doesn't handle finance, finance team does it 🙄

    1. SkaReall
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      Finance and compensation are two different department, HR manages the later one

  89. Girish Chand
    Girish Chand
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    Dude , you are too cool to be HR.😁😁😁😁

  90. Janhavi Shahi
    Janhavi Shahi
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    Aditya(hardik) is so good

    महीने पहले

    My mom is an he manager for 10 yrs .... I too wondered what is there but from work from home I understood how many work is there We go out to spend some time she kept getting calls for nonsense reasons

  92. Abhishek Deo Mehta
    Abhishek Deo Mehta
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    Being a HR in PSU is totally different, only can relate just a few things

  93. Selenophillic Poetry
    Selenophillic Poetry
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    Cutest HR ever

  94. Archie Thakur
    Archie Thakur
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    Employee always approaches in lunch time, bhai hum bhi insaan hain hum bhi basic food par hi survive karte hain, Another employees calls me around 9pm (office closes on 7), I picked up thought some emergency hogi, he asked, saving account and salary account main difference kya hota?

  95. Archie Thakur
    Archie Thakur
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    Everyday of my office life. 😅

  96. Priyanka Tiwari
    Priyanka Tiwari
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    Kashhh😍sachi aisa h.r hota.

    महीने पहले

    Jinhone ye stereotype phailaya wagi log isse aab burst kar rhe hai.😎

  98. Maulsri Awasthi✌
    Maulsri Awasthi✌
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    My dream is to become an HR Manager.☺

  99. sangita shruthi
    sangita shruthi
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    Bhai.. mera appraisal kab hoga 😐 HR tho kuch bolta hi nahi 😠

  100. Sreemya Gavini 6655
    Sreemya Gavini 6655
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    When the phone rang at the end.. I thought the other people might have called him to say that his mute was muted and they can't hear him..🤣😂